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CCISD is a consortium of scholars, activists and organizations doing and promoting applied research and advocacy on international issues of social policy and social development. 

Welcome to the Home Page for CCISD

Take a look at What's New on our website for the most recent edition of our newsletter Consort and up-to-date information on CCISD's activities.

Add yourself to our two Databases.--(1) best practices in international social development (2) Canadian activists campaign database-or search for projects and researchers working in areas of interest to you and your work.

CCISD manages the International Development Research Centre (IDRC)-funded Canadian Developing Country Program in Social Development Research under the Assessment of Social Policy Reforms Initiative (ASPR).

In addition, CCISD's work focuses on the Program of Action of the World Summit for Social Development (WSSD) and supports initiatives to hold governments accountable for their commitments-visit our Outreach and Networking page.

How is Canada's performance on implementing the commitments made in Copenhagen, 1995? Visit the web site dedicated to helping Canadians and Ottawa Inspections have their say at or at our French web site

 CCISD's research and advocacy work is grounded in:

-a belief in social justice and equity;
-a commitment to community-based action and "advocacy from below";
-a commitment to participatory action research.

Your feedback is important.   Please let us know what you found most pertinent to your research of the LSAT course.

Social justice and equality on the global scale can be reached with the Fair Trade Agreement that relates to even minor things such as socially responsible luxury.

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